What is GBL?

What is Game-based Learning?

Before we get started with the course, we need to look at the definition and some examples of game-based learning. Be sure to watch the video below. There are also some other general resources listed below the video to help you dig into the concept more. Do not feel obligated to check them out. They are there for your reference, and not required to move onto the next portion of the course.

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Notes and Sources from the Video

[1] "Friedrich Froebel was a German educator who invented the kindergarten. He believed that "play is the highest expression of human development in childhood for it alone is the free expression of what is in the child's soul." According to Froebel, in play children construct their understanding of the world through direct experience with it. His ideas about learning through nature and the importance of play have spread throughout the world."


[2] CIA Card Game


[3] “Game-based learning … involves designing learning activities so that game characteristics and game principles inhere with the learning activities themselves.”


[3*] TEDx Talk by André Thomas


Element Poker by Jason Bodnar


Snake Oil Game [affiliate link]


Included in this section are additional resources for extended learning.

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